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Sorin Medical is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in heart and vascular care, combining the most advanced technology with a personalized care approach. Our physicians are able to diagnose cardiovascular disease at the earliest stages, with greater precision than ever before. Our main goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life through targeted, innovative diagnosis and treatment so they feel better and live longer.


Our diverse team of highly trained specialists lead each patient through their healthcare journey with a comprehensive care approach built on compassion, respect, integrity, and shared decision making. Every physician and staff member is dedicated to improving the health, mobility, and longevity of our patients, and each will work diligently to assist them in navigating a complex healthcare environment.

Our Values

A new standard of cardiovascular care.

Patient-Focused Care

Our patients always come first. Above all, we advocate for our patients, guide them through the process, and never leave them with questions unanswered. We seek to educate our patients to be the decision-makers of their treatment options and ongoing care.

Superior Technology

We are the standard bearers. Sorin Medical is the only office-based facility in the United States that has combined a Somatom Drive dual-source CT scanner with a state-of-the-art catheterization laboratory. This superior technology allows us to deliver a new standard of all-in-one cardiovascular care by reducing the need for invasive diagnostic tests, and advancing the rapid detection of heart and vascular disease.

Medical Leaders

Our teams of physicians are board certified and recognized as leading experts in the prevention and treatment of valvular heart disease, coronary and vascular intervention and heart rhythm management. They have been trained at the most prestigious universities and medical centers and are distinguished researchers and clinicians.

Continuous Excellence

Our cardiologists are motivated to be the first in delivering safe, advanced, and efficacious cardiovascular treatment and care. We are continuously learning, conducting extensive research, and improving our current methods and techniques to ensure we remain industry leaders. Our physicians strive to set a new standard of excellence: safe, effective, efficient, and minimally invasive care.

High-Quality Care

Our dedication to excellence drives our team to deliver consistent, valuable results. We give patients the efficient, quality care they deserve. Our goal is to detect, diagnose, treat, and discharge patients all in one day, with a treatment approach that considers their feelings first.

Leading with Integrity

The patient-physician relationship at Sorin Medical remains our top priority and reflects our core values of trust, honesty, and integrity. Our team of cardiologists always put our patients first and take full responsibility for our actions and commitments. In everything we do, we hold a firm adherence to our code of ethics as physicians.

Innovative cardiovascular care today for a healthier tomorrow.

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