Sorin Heart Scan ™

A New Paradigm in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Disease

The future of cardiology is now.

Sorin Medical is proud to be the first in the nation to deliver the most advanced, state-of-the-art CT Scan exclusively dedicated to the detection and treatment of heart disease. The Sorin Heart Scan ™ offers the greatest accuracy and quicker results, while making stress testing obsolete. This helps to minimize the need for patients to undergo invasive angiogram and catheterization procedures in the treatment of heart and vascular disease.


CCTA is the ONLY Class 1 noninvasive test with Level A evidence for diagnosing CAD and guiding treatment decisions.

Current State of CT Scanners

Not widely

Single-source scanners with a slow camera speed: less accurate images

3-5 week waiting list to get a scan

50%-70% accuracy in diagnosing coronary artery disease

Due to limited accuracy, a diagnostic cardiac catheterization is often still needed to confirm results

Sorin Heart Scan ™

Quick and comfortable 4-minute scan with
Same-day results delivered by a Sorin Cardiologist

A dual-source scan that provides fastest, most accurate imaging available in the world

Little to no wait time for an appointment

>95% accurate in diagnosing blocked arteries

Reduces the need for diagnostic angiograms/cardiac catheterization by at least 80%

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