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Sorin Heart Scan ™

Live Longer: The #1 Heart Scan In America For Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Disease

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The #1 Heart Scan In America.

The Sorin Heart Scan™: With a 97% accuracy in detecting coronary artery disease, it surpasses traditional diagnostic tests, making stress tests obsolete. Experience unmatched precision in cardiac imaging. It’s not just a scan—it’s your key to LIVE LONGER.


CCTA is the ONLY Class 1 noninvasive test with Level A evidence for diagnosing CAD and guiding treatment decisions.

Current State of CT Scanners

Not widely

Single-source scanners with a slow camera speed: less accurate images

3-5 week waiting list to get a scan

50%-70% accuracy in diagnosing coronary artery disease

Due to limited accuracy, a diagnostic cardiac catheterization is often still needed to confirm results

Sorin Heart Scan ™

Quick and comfortable 4-minute scan with
Same-day results delivered by a Sorin Cardiologist

A dual-source scan that provides fastest, most accurate imaging available in the world

Little to no wait time for an appointment

>95% accurate in diagnosing blocked arteries

Reduces the need for diagnostic angiograms/cardiac catheterization by at least 80%

Personalized, color-coded 3D model of your coronary arteries showing how the blockages are impacting blood. (Only available if disease is identified and additional information needed.)

Why choose the Sorin Heart Scan ™ With Heart Flow

Unparalleled Accuracy

The Sorin Heart Scan™ boasts a remarkable >95% accuracy rate in diagnosing blocked arteries, making it one of the most reliable diagnostic tools available.

Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to your health. The Sorin Heart Scan™ is designed for your convenience.

Quick Scan

Just a 4-minute scan and 15 minutes of your time

Same-Day Results

No waiting days or weeks. Our dedicated Sorin Cardiologists provide results on the same day.

Immediate Appointments

Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times. Unlike other institutions with 3-5 week waiting lists, at Sorin Medical, there’s little to no wait time for an appointment.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our dual-source scan offers the fastest and most accurate imaging available globally, reducing the need for further diagnostic procedures by at least 80%.

Patient-Centric Approach

At Sorin Medical, we prioritize your health and comfort, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience from start to finish.

A Trusted Name in Heart and Vascular Care

Sorin Medical stands at the forefront of revolutionizing heart and vascular care, combining cutting-edge technology with a personalized touch.

What is  CCTA + Heartflow ?

What/Why CCTA?

A coronary computed tomography angiogram (CCTA) is a noninvasive test that takes images of your heart and blood vessels to help determine if plaque buildup has narrowed the blood vessels that supply the heart.

  • The Sorin Heart Scan™ is a CCTA that provides 95% accuracy in detecting coronary artery disease (CAD), making it one of the most reliable diagnostic tools available.
  • Recognized by professional industry guidelines as a leading noninvasive test to aid physicians in diagnosing and guiding treatment decisions in patients with suspected CAD.
  • The Sorin Heart Scan™ is a quick and comfortable 4 minute scan, with same day results delivered by a Sorin cardiologist.

HeartFlow FFRCT

If your Sorin Heart Scan shows narrowing in your coronary arteries, your doctor may order a HeartFlow FFR CT Analysis. This analysis uses data from the CCTA and does not require any additional visits or testing.

  • The HeartFlow FFR CTAnalysis leverages artificial intelligence to provide a 3D model of your coronary arteries based on you CCTA.
  • The HeartFlow model gives your doctor the detailed information needed to better understand the next step in your treatment plan.

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