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Gramercy Surgery Center Announces Strategic Partnership with Sorin Medical to Implement Dedicated Vascular Program

Gramercy Surgery Center Announces Strategic Partnership with Sorin Medical to Implement Dedicated Vascular Program

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Gramercy Surgery Center is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Sorin Medical to launch the Gramercy Vascular Program. The Gramercy Vascular Program will work to connect patients in need of vascular care to a Sorin Medical physician. Specifically, the program will streamline easy access to schedule an appointment on a dedicated 1-800 phone line at any of Sorin Medical’s many locations across New York City.

Gramercy Surgery Center has provided New York City with quality healthcare since 2006 and has grown to become one of the leading multispecialty surgery center providers in Manhattan and Queens. They provide their physicians with leading-edge equipment and a strong medical team to achieve surgical excellence. The center is committed to providing compassionate, quality surgical care to all New Yorkers. Their patient centric, surgeon-focused approach has led their facilities to be ranked the #1 and #2 ambulatory surgery center in New York by Newsweek.

Sorin Medical, one of New York’s leading cardiovascular healthcare providers, offers their patients a transformative approach to the prevention, detection, and treatment of cardiac and vascular disease. Sorin Medical provides a personalized approach to care and its expansive network of offices enables access to a variety of communities. Sorin Medical’s Center of Excellence is dedicated to improving the safety and efficacy of cardiac and vascular procedures in an outpatient setting. Using the latest advanced technologies and standardized operations, patients always receive exceptional care in a timely manner.

“With this partnership, Gramercy Surgery Center surgeons and their patients will have access to a dedicated team of specialists to address any vascular concerns. The Sorin Medical team provides us with a large network of vascular specialists and a unified, singular workflow,” said Austin Cheng, Esq., Chief Executive Officer of Gramercy Surgery Center. “In healthcare today, it is so easy for a patient to be lost into a complex system. This partnership represents not only collaboration amongst quality healthcare providers but also access, simplicity, and clarity for patients.”

“We are excited to partner with Gramercy Surgery Center and their network of physicians on the launch of The Gramercy Vascular Program. We look forward to providing these patients with the personalized care they deserve, allowing them to feel better and live longer.” Said Dr. Joseph A. Puma, Founder of Sorin Medical.

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